Maa, where are you? It has been more than a year

Your voice still ricochet in my ears.
The last time I saw you,

You were sleeping with a white sheet,you looked so calm

First time you were sleeping even after two snooze of the alarm
The new Maa doesn’t give me anything good to eat

A glass of water, is what I sometimes drink and go to sleep

Nobody wipe my tears now when I weep
Dad told me you will be back soon

I see you face everywhere,yes even in that moon

He also now doesn’t time,

Lately he is also too busy in his life,
I promise I will be a good son

Study hard,and shine bright like the sun

I promise I will never trouble you again,

Take away all your sorrows,all your pains
Please maa,you are my need,

Indeed you were the only noble deed,
You once said,you’ll never leave me and go away,

Comeback maa, or else I will think you lied to your kid that day.